Top 5: Most popular cat breeds in Australia

If you are looking for a new cat, there are many different breeds of available for adoption or purchasing. Here are some of the most popular cats in Australia, so why not try to match your winning personality with one of these beautiful felines.


Ancient, elegant and demanding! The Siamese cat is one of the most popular cats throughout Australia and with it's long body and powerful legs, it is a lively, active cat that is also social. Legend has it that the Siamese are a sacred cat, which used to guard Buddhist temples and were received as honourable gifts if bestowed upon. Siamese cats have piercing blue eyes and are affectionate, but don't be completely fooled by their beauty, their strong character will turn your house into theirs!



Originally from Ethiopia, the Abyssinian is one of the oldest breeds of cat that was introduced to Britain around 1868. They have dark rimmed expressive eyes of amber, green or hazel, and they resemble an ancient Egyptian cat with its agile build, large pointy ears, and slender legs. The Abyssinian is intelligent, curious, and extremely loyal, who will become very attached to their new family. It hates being confined, loves climbing, and needs plenty of space. Surprisingly the Abyssinian loves water so if you don't wish to have another partner in the tub, lock the door!

Australian Mist

Australian made, affectionate and bred to leave the wildlife alone, what more do you want in a companion! They are excellent with children and are very willing to play games. One downside if you are planning to leave them alone for boarding or cat sitting, is that they are prone to become spoilt which can cause some problems. Time will tell how successful the breeders have been with inbreeding a cat to not kill wildlife, but this is a beautiful cat who is loving and often remain kitten like throughout their lives.


Like the Abyssinian, the Persian cat is a very old breed. The breed is so old that their existence can be traced back to the origins of human civilization, and their name derives from the empire of Persia which is now modern day Iran and Iraq. Throughout history, Persian cats were of such high value that they were smuggled along with jewels and spices out of Persia, which is why the cat is associated with symbols of wealth and sophistication. Calm, sweet and not overly active, the Persian is a beautiful cat to sit and admire, but there is an overabundance of hair so keep the vacuum cleaner handy!


Intelligent, affectionate, active and playful, the Burmese have very similar qualities to the Siamese, but they are no where near demanding. They are a vocal cat, great lap warmers and can be trained to retrieve toys or balls. With these traits and more, they have been affectionately known as "cat dog". They can live to the ripe old age of 20 and they love joining in with everything you're doing, so forget that lazy Sunday read of the newspaper, they will be on it in front of you!

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